Saturday, February 21, 2009

Skookumchuck revisited....

This past summer Todd and I were fortunate enough to jump in the Wave Sport van with Bryan Kirk and make it up to BC for some paddling...Check out some shots from Skook...

Me bustin' a sweet air blunt at Skook!

Todd Baker mid-helix (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Bryan Kirk bluntin' up a rainbow (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Kelsey Thompson (Photo by Kim Russell)

Me Backsurfin' (Photo by: Todd Baker)

February 2009:

February 2009:

Lazy nights in the casa ...

So it's been awhile since I've done a post... I've been pretty busy the past six months or so. I'm back in Eugene for my junior year at UO, studying Human Physiology. I jsut had my gallbladder out about two months ago and am finally recovered. Unfortunately, we don't have much water right now, so we haven't been able to paddle very much the past few weeks. We recently discovered the BMX track in town which is pretty badass.

Todd crankin' it out at the BMX park