Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Learning to Kayak...

I remember what it was like when I was learning to kayak.

Both my sister and I had just moved to Oregon from Texas and were psyched to see a river in our backyard (rather than millions of tons of concrete). We weighed 90 pounds and started off in matching Wave Sport Evo's, (which proved faithful to us for the next few years, as we successfully avoided getting majorly worked). After a summer or two at Otter Bar, we were on the river by ourselves practicing our ferrying and eddy turns. Little did I know my life would revolve around kayaking seven years later. Thanks Christina for being the most awesome kayaker buddy I know! You're the best sister anyone could ask for!

Back to the story... When there's no rain in Eugene, Todd and I find ourselves making lazy trips down the Mckenzie River, every once and a while taking a friend down with us. Not too long ago, we took Todd's friend, Ross, who managed to flip once twice the entire time (and it was his first time in a kayak)!!

Anywhoo... Check out the pictures. It's always fun remembering what it was like learning to kayak:

Getting the boat's outfitted (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Ross (L) and Todd (R) taking a break from eddy turns (Photo by: Kim Russell)

The eddy at Neil's Wave (Photo by: Todd Baker)

Kim blunting at Neil's (Photo by: Todd Baker)

After a long day on the river, Ross was psyched! Here's to getting more people involved in this awesome sport!
Remember that friend who always wanted to go kayaking? Take them out and post your own experience!

The crew (Ross, Todd, Kim and Alex)


Kim Russell

2009 Clackamas River Festival

(Photo by: Kim Russell)

Earlier this month, Todd and I made it out to the Clackamas River Festival near Portland, Oregon for some fun and games. It was a two day festival put on by Next Adventure, packed full of both rafting and kayaking events.

The coolest event of the weekend was the big air ramp where people hucked themselves off a huge ramp, flailing arms and all.

Ansy Maser cracking a beer (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Andy Maser pulled off an airscrew while cracking a beer while going down the ramp, and Willi almost did a front-flip.

Willi working on the front flip (Photo by: Kim Russell)

At the end of the day, first place went to Todd Baker with a double-air screw. YEA! Bloody knuckles and all!

Todd on his way to a double airscrew (Photos: by Kim Russell)

(Photo by: Kim Russell)

See you on the water!

Kim Russell

2009 Miracle Mile Race

Racers coming down to the start (Photo by: Kim Russell)

A couple weeks ago, we held a boatercross down the NFMF of the Willamette near Oakridge, Oregon, a mile-long class IV boulder garden. We had about 7 racers in total in what was a double-elimination tournament. Round one saw two people race each other, the winner moving on to the winner's bracket, and the loser moving onto the loser's bracket. The losers then raced each other, of which the winner would be included in the winner's bracket. In the final round, all those of the winner's bracket would race.

Round 1:
Conor Ross
Seth Swallen

Alex Dalgleish
Ryan Scott

Glenn Dalgleish
Kim Russell
Todd Baker

After Round 1, Conor Ross, Ryan Scott and Todd Baker moved onto the winner's bracket, while Seth Swallen, Alex Dalgleish, Glenn Dalgleish and Kim Russell moved on to the loser's bracket.

At the start (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Rounding the corner below that start (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Alex Dalgleish on his way to the finish (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Round 2:

Alex Dalgleish
Seth Swallen
Kim Russell

After Round 2, Kim Russell moved onto the winner's bracket.

Final Round:

Ryan Scott
Todd Baker
Kim Russell
Conor Ross

Ryan Scott on his winning run (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Spectators at the finish line (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Shuttle back to the top (Photo by: Kim Russell)

The final round was pretty heated, with Ryan Scott and Todd Baker neck and neck for the entire mile. Kim Russell and Conor Ross weren't too far behind. Ryan Scott ended up pulling ahead at the very end for a strong finish, followed by Todd Baker, Kim Russell and Conor Ross.


1. Ryan Scott
2. Todd Baker
3. Kim Russell
4. Conor Ross

We're hoping to make this race a monthly event next year, in addition to a Eugene series of races featuring a boaterx down Sweet Creek, a freestyle at Fern Ridge Reservoir and a downriver race at the NFMF.

Stay Tuned!


Kim Russell

Sweet Creek!

Kim dropping the bottom drop (Photo by: Seth Swallen)

Over the course of the past week, Oregon has seen pouring rain everyday. River levels spiked and we rallied after classes to huck ze gnar in the new Diesel 80. Check out the photos! Todd is in the Habitat 80, and I am in the Diesel 80.

Hiking to the top (Photo by: Seth Swallen)

Kim Russell off the second drop (Photo by: Seth Swallen)

Todd Baker off the flake drop (Photo by: Seth Swallen)

Kim off the flake drop (yellow), and Glenn at the bottom of the gorge (orange)

Todd off the flake drop (Photo by: Seth Swallen)

Kim off the middle drop (Photo by: Seth Swallen)

Todd Baker (Photo by: Seth Swallen)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Kim Russell